Frequently Asked Questions

A data-driven matchup advantage for one team over another. For example: Team A scores more points in the first quarter than any other team; their opponent this week (Team B) allows the most points in the first quarter. To view the Reasons for each team, click the team name under "Reasons" as shown below:

Inside Edge’s pick to win against the spread based on our proprietary “Weighted Reasons” model.

  • 5 Stars - A suggested pick with the most confidence
  • 4 Stars - Strong Confidence in the pick
  • 3 Stars - Confidence in the pick, but not to the 4 or 5 Star level
  • 2 Stars - Somewhat confident in the pick
  • 1 Star - Mild confidence in the pick

  • Very consistent
  • Consistent
  • Somewhat consistent
  • Somewhat volatile
  • Volatile
  • Very volatile

Let's take Lamar Jackson, for example.

  • His most recent 16 games are used in the Best / Worst calculation because he had that many games to use.
  • If Lamar was a player with only 6 career games, his Best and Worst 2 games would be used in the calculation
  • The best games for Jackson are in red, and the worst are in blue.
  • The Best/Worst Games are the average of those reds and blues.
  • It's a good indicator of the potential ceiling and floor.
1 27.5
2 17.6
3 14.2
4 26.0
5 14.5
6 28.2
8 16.8
9 18.6
10 22.5
11 15.5
13 26.7
14 34.9
15 30.2
16 21.3
17 25.2
Best 4 Games Avg 30.2
Worst 4 Games Avg 15.3
Max/Min Ratio 2.0

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